Niagara 4: The next level of connectivity

The next generation of Niagara is here - and with it comes the opportunity to connect within the Internet of Things like never before.

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JACE 8000: The next-generation controller

Introducing a dynamic revolution in controlling and connecting systems and devices.

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The Power of Partnership

VYKON has aligned with industry leaders globally to market, install and support products based on the Niagara Framework®.  Find a partner near you.

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Build what you can imagine

The Internet of Things connects billions of devices worldwide, enabling access, control and monitoring of systems from anywhere at anytime. With VYKON, you can go even further – as far as your imagination can take you.

Our world-class solutions for the open Internet of Things are guided by three core principles: Open Connectivity. Open Ingenuity. Open Choice. Because the real power of the Internet of Things lies in innovation, in the potential for true end-to-end solutions built for today and adapted for tomorrow.

VYKON unleashes that potential with Niagara—the leading open framework for innovation, used by businesses the world over. From commercial buildings to data centers to industrial operations to smart cities, VYKON's pioneering products and services are changing the way machines communicate with each other – and with you.

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