Code of Conduct

Tridium, as an independent company wholly owned by Honeywell, requires that all vendors abide by the Honeywell Code of Conduct.

Honeywell's Integrity and Compliance program reflects our vision and values. It helps our employees, representatives, contractors, consultants and suppliers worldwide comply with a high standard of business conduct. Honeywell employees are proud of their company's strong reputation for ethical conduct; this program helps protect that reputation.

At the core of the Integrity and Compliance program is Honeywell's Code of Conduct. All agents, consultants, contractors, representatives, suppliers, and employees of Honeywell are ultimately responsible for conducting themselves in an ethical manner in compliance with applicable laws. Our Code provides guidelines to ensure that we are successful in this endeavor.

Under the leadership of the Integrity and Compliance Council, we pursue a dynamic corporate-wide enforcement effort that engages Business Conduct Leaders in each business unit and each region of the world.