Open distribution: We support open protocols and open procurement. Our open distribution model means we do not assign exclusive territories for VYKON Systems Integrators (VSIs), and end users are free to buy the VYKON-branded products from multiple VSIs in an area.

Open technology: We harness the connectivity and extensibility of the best-in-class Niagara Framework. As Niagara Certified Developers, our partners have the flexibility to add or expand Niagara’s capabilities.

Open choice: A “truly open solution” uses open protocols as well as open distribution so that customers are not locked into one vendor for engineering, service and support.

Experienced channel

VYKON System Distributors (VSDs) are an elite group of automation and systems integration distributors that resell, support, and train the largest channel of system integrators in the world. VSDs provide local support, local stock, training, programming and complementary control of products and services. VSDs are VYKON's "Centers of Excellence," supporting our integrators.

VYKON Systems Integrators engineer, program, install, and service VYKON products and software. VSIs provide complete end-to-end integrated systems using multiple protocols and brands. More than 400 VSIs in North America have been trained and certified to install and service the complete VYKON product line.

First-class support

Our expert Tridium VYKON Support Team provides pre- and post-sale and technical support for VYKON products. We're ready to help provide design and application assistance, including specification support for consultants, specifiers, and end users prior to purchase. The VYKON support team works closely with VSDs and VSIs for technical support during project design, install, and service.

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