The framework for tomorrow’s cities

As municipalities grapple with legacy infrastructure, mass urbanization, financial pressures and a growing urban middle class, many are looking to integrate their technology and build strategic approaches to sustainability, economic development and the long-term well-being of their citizens.

The rise of these “smart cities” has introduced new applications of Niagara’s open framework. By enabling an ecosystem of interconnected commercial/industrial buildings, smart grid, water utility management, transportation applications and government services administration, VYKON can help municipalities operate with greater efficiency, awareness and intelligence.

With solutions built on the Niagara Framework®, VYKON helps municipalities effectively addresses such challenges as:

  • Legacy city infrastructure management systems costly to replace
  • Diverse city subsystems present difficult integration
  • No single provider for all city systems, requiring open communication protocol
  • Applications needed to optimize system behavior for day-to-day operation, as well as during special events (natural disaster, sporting events, etc.)

Niagara enables every system to communicate and interoperate:

  • Energy (smart grid, alternative energy, demand management)
  • Water utility (wastewater treatment, system monitoring)
  • Transportation (fleet, fuel, traffic management, street lighting)
  • Buildings management (municipal, commercial, industrial)
  • Government services (public safety, CCTV, digital signage)